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If your goal is to sit for the upcoming NEET PG exam, Rapid Revision 2.0 is a must have for you.

  • Those Just Starting Preparation

    If you are starting now, that's okay. Understand you have limited time and Rapid Revision 2.0 will help you make the most of this. All the best!

  • Those Half Way Through Preparation

    If you are halfway in your prep, switch to Rapid Revision 2.0 for the remaining subjects or syllabus. Complete and then get revising and practicing.

  • Those Who Have Completed the Syllabus

    Well done! Now it's time to revise-three, four, five times. Switch to Rapid Revision 2.0 and concentrate on revising and practicing high yield content.

  • Those Taking the Exam for Second or Later Attempt

    You know the syllabus. Revisions and practice alongwith focus on high yield effective content is what you need. Rapid Revision 2.0 is perfect for you.

What's Included in Rapid Revision 2.0?

Everything you need right now.

  • Revision & Snapshot Videos

    170 hours of concise, high yield and extremely effective revision lectures from the Dream Team, including image based video discussions.

  • Previous Year Exam Discussions

    For all AIIMS, NEET and JIPMER exams held in the past years, including NEET PG 2020 & AIIMS May 2020.

  • Integrated Video Lectures

    Faculty of different subjects sit together and discussion topics and questions that relate to two or more subjects.

  • Rapid Revision QBank

    Over 3,000 high yield MCQs with concise, easy to understand and recall explanations, that are integrated with Rapid Revision videos, treasures and notes.

  • Treasures

    High yield infographics, tables, charts, bullet points to assist you with memorizing and quick revisions.

  • Notes & Workbooks

    Two volumes containing updated Rapid Revision 2.0 notes plus 2 Snapshot workbooks, which contain important images of all 19 subjects.